Achieve & maintain food process safety compliance
efficiently and cost effectively

Alpha Systems is a leading provider and integrator of food traceability solutions beginning with the procurement and production processes right on through to tracking finished goods and shipments to customers.


Food Safety Compliance

Effective Food traceability compliance does not need to be overly complex and burdensome. Alpha Systems automates these activities delivering convenient, cost effective and truly reliable solutions for virtually any food processing or distribution operation.

Food Safety Monitoring

Alpha Systems utilizes ConcernTrak the latest data collection technology as an electronic food safety monitoring system that enables the user to demonstrate documented compliance with the user's food safety program. This system monitors and documents food safety activities and offers preventative controls and corrective actions.


Label Application

Automatic Food Label application lowers costs, improves label position accuracy, increases throughput, enhances product attractiveness, and reduces worker injury claims.

Custom Labels

Minimize cost and waste by allowing Alpha Systems to develop Food labels to specific objectives, budgets, regulations and image. Alpha performs free label evaluations to analyze the most challenging applications.

Vision Inspection and Identification

Use vision technology to decrease Food inspection time & enhance throughput.


Food safety Tracking

Alpha Systems incorporates C-Trace, a ConcernTrak Application, as an electronic, real-time lot tracking system that enables rapid and timely response to food recalls while minimizing their scope. Track raw materials and representative lots from receiving through production process right on to finished goods shipped to customers.

Government Food Safety Compliance

Alpha Systems utilizes ConcernTrak Products and scanning tools from the latest data collection technology. ConcernTrak Products are integrated seamlessly by Alpha Systems to ensure that users are in full compliance with current government food safety regulations and processes.