Government & Military Solutions


Alpha Systems Enables Government Agencies To Lower Costs By Enhancing Communication Technology

It is critical that Government operates efficiently to ensure the safety of the community and effective response to problems as they arise.

Alpha Systems line of government technology helps agencies move beyond the basics to technology that's second nature, seamlessly delivering real-time information to first responders and workers.


Extending information to the point of activity delivers new efficiencies with secure, cost effective, reliable voice and data communications.

Fire And Emergency Services

Deploy intelligent, reliable incident management technology that promotes an efficient, appropriate response when life and property are on the line.

Government/Military Administration Solutions

We provide the solutions for more efficient municipal, county, and state governments so residents can expect better service and faster response.

Federal Government

Bring mobility to your governmental enterprise with the next level of video security, voice, and data technology, healthcare technology and broadband.

Airports And Seaports

In a thriving global economy, busy air and water gateways need solutions for operational efficiency and enhanced perimeter security and access.

Department Of Defense

Specialty compliance RF and RFID labels and tags for virtually all environment and applications including high security and ruggedized.

Law Enforcement / Military

Advanced technology enables law enforcement and police teams to respond more rapidly to any situation while streamlining day-to-day operations.

  • Public Safety Communications
  • Command and Control
  • Information Management
  • Asset Management


Automatically Advanced Video Surveillance

Monitor areas of special security or crowd control concern.